Archive for February, 2014

First update of the second version: BISON data added, many thanks to Gerald “Stinger” Guala (ITIS). Most of distribution maps updated, and 27 species added to the list!


I am very glad to announce the release of the second, updated and expanded major version of electronic checklist of North Dakota plants: and “Flora of North Dakota: Illustrated Checklist” electronic book. The latter is available also from the Internet Archive:

This version accommodates results of 2013 collection season and subsequent complete restructuring of MISU, Minot State University herbarium collection. Several important data sources and numerous images were added, multiple entries were corrected.

The current count for the flora of North Dakota is 1,727 species (1,649 in previous version). The electronic book contains 3,338 plant photographs (2,700 in previous version).

This checklist is the result of collaborative efforts of many people. I am so grateful for all of you!