Hello everyone! My name is Jared Schumaier and I am a senior majoring in Biology at Minot State University. This summer I, along with Dr. Alexey Shipunov and colleague Joshua Beaudoin, set out to collect the “Flora of North Dakota.” Over the course of the summer we traveled all over the state, enduring over 25 excursions in total. Our mission was to collect all native flowering plants we came across. Now one may ask what is the significance of this botanical knowledge/ research? The truth is, the entire flora of North Dakota has never been collected. Some parts of the state have been studied before, but our mission is more vast, and over the course of this year and next summer we hope to have a better understanding of the “entire” flora of ND. My blog will detail our excursions throughout the summer of 2011, including some astonishing botanical findings and a few ecological masterpieces that make up the great state of North Dakota. A hint on an interesting find was a peat moss bog near the American and Canadian border. I will explain this strange find and many others in depth later on. Follow me and my colleagues as we set out to reveal the “Flora of North Dakota!!!” šŸ™‚